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1:100 APCs

An update on the M577 APC series for a client.


Based around a 1:100 M577 as the “standard” APC these are the majority of them now finished… there’s a cut-down version as a “scout” with no turret and shortened chassis, but with twin M56s on the hatch, then standard 577, followed by 3 M577 “extended” with varying support options  (AT, laser and light-support) and finally the “Command” vehicle with Light-AA turret.

As we know the dimensions of the “real” M577 we had the chance to do the series as true 1:100, so these should work for most “15mm” figures including the rather larger ones that push 19 or 20mm from the likes of Khurasan. Certainly they go fine with CMG based figures and GZG based or not (the vehicles that is).

Still to come are the MLRS version (extended) and a Heavy – AA version (extended chassis)

After that I have been commissioned to do the M22 and M40 tanks and the M292 self-propelled gun also (in fact the M40 is almost finished already).


Edit: 28th July

“Even he, to whom most things that most people would think were pretty smart were pretty dumb, thought it was pretty smart.”

Apparently we have upset Khurasan who are all ” a flutter” at having their figures described as being “larger”. That is height-est and may also be fat-est…or bulk-est at least!

This has rocked their company to its very foundations and forced them to take to the fora and form a lynch mob to “go get us some boyz!!!!”  (Well, No! not really, but apparently they are so miffed the rattles are bouncing off the windows and preventing new born kittens from sleeping peacefully the world over…and so… it is incumbent upon us to make a significant edit just in case it results in the death of any kittens (Ah! Kittens!) via sleep deprivation bought about by incessant rattle-bashing: Khurasan figures are  (so I am informed via pitchfork, flaming torchlight and high-velocity rattle) no larger than CMG figures. (ta-da crash!)

So if CMG work with these vehicles then so will Khurasan figures!

Some astute (and possibly literate) people might note that we did, in fact, originally, as shown above (completely unedited), already say that Khurasan figures would work with these 1:100 vehicles.

However (in pseudo Churchillian voice) that has, through the deep and never-ending mysteries of the Internet, been transmogrified into us having claimed “Khurasan figures will NOT work with any 15mm vehicles”. 

Isn’t the Internet truly amazing???  (How it does this sort of thing is, truly, truly amazing, it is almost as if everything you do on it is a living meme over which one has no control whatsoever! Douglass Adams could possibly solve this, but he is a  far, far funnier man than I, dead or alive.)

So, in case anybody is still wondering (or possibly even thoroughly confused) let us recap:

Whilst we original said that Khurasan figures would work well with these 1:100 vehicles, and despite the fact that Khurasan figures are not 15mm, but are closer to 19mm “all-in” (even according to Khurasan i hasten to add), because CMG figures are also!… and as CMG figures are used as the baseline, then not not-15mm (19mm tall) Khurasan figures will work just as well as not not-15mm 19mm CMG figures, regardless of neither of them being 15mm (to the eye or eye-turret or *insert here* “photosensitive-optical-evolutionary-organ of your choice ), and mostly because very few not-15mm figures are 15mm any-more anyway: so (BREATHE)  OBVIOUSLY, saying that a 15mm figure is not 15mm and is, in fact,” not not-15mm 19mm” is a BAD thing and will result in the deaths of many, many kittens; we must, therefore,  retract our earlier statement saying that (non-sic) “Khurasan figures will work fine with these vehicles” and replace it with the new comment of (non-sic) “Khurasan figures will work fine with these vehicles.”

One might be forgiven for believing those two comments are identical, but I am assured that they are not. (The first one apparently saying something that it doesn’t actually say whilst the latter one says exactly what it does say.)

I am also assured that just because “a not not-15mm 15mm figure” is 19mm tall that does not make it “larger” than any other not not-15mm figure, or, for that matter, a figure that is actually 18mm all-in (or 17 or even 16) ; it merely makes it a different type of 15mm and by giving its actual total height we have produced a total miss-representation of the facts and will cause entire companies to implode under the weight of angst and terminal-kitten-fatigue…because, “OBVIOUSLY!” it is REALLY still only 15mm (regardless of either its actual height or “scale” no matter how you measure it thank you Oh So very much Mr Kitten-Killer!)

There, now you know.

And look!

I reckon we just saved at least 3 kittens!


(not to be taken seriously. only to be read if full use of humour is available)