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15mm & 28mm AirCars ready for moulding….

The new 15mm and 28mm aircars are ready for moulding… so here’s the first look at the Dodge-Tata Kudu and the Hawker Evora.

The Kudu is the main aircar used for short-haul taxi services…. as with all A-Grav vehicles it is power hungry and needs lots of room for the generators, not leaving masses for passengers, but at least you dont get stuck in traffic.

The Hawker Evora is the first civilian “Sports Aircar” although it isnt a patch on any traditional ground car as the acceleration via  A-grav is so little, it’s top speed is another matter though and there are few better ways to make a dramatic and stylish entrance to any occasion (of course you still need a pilots license!)


Original Designs by pangeranberbajuputih
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