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15mm Habitat #1 – 15mm laser-cut scenery

2mm Laser-cut MDF kit to build 1 Habitat (type #1) for 15mm sci-fi war-gaming.

This is the first in a series of laser-cut MDF kits for 15mm that will include a full-range of different buildings in a similar style, allowing you to build a rapid-build colony-type township, ideal for sci-fi gaming.

The range will include Housing modules, workshops, administration and scientific buildings and is designed from the ground-up to fit in with our 15mm scenery component that will be released later this month (Nov 2012).

The design elements laser’d into the buildings match the scenery elements, so it is possible to replace the MDF sections with 3D physical scenery such as doors, solar-panels, windows, vents and more.

Finally there will also be internal scenery components designed for the interior of the laser-cut buildings to allow you to create the very highest-detail and highest-quality buildings on the market today….and all at very affordable prices.

Un-assembled, unpainted kit, requires glue to complete.

Difficulty: Easy

Price: £11.50p

VERY limited availability whilst we await re-stocks.


3 thoughts on “15mm Habitat #1 – 15mm laser-cut scenery

  1. Hi,

    do you have an ETA for the other Habitats in 28mm?

  2. new year Tony

  3. THX,

    looking forward to it.

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