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2013 round-up, 2014 previews

For the last 4-5 months we have been working with Mantic Games on a number of their ranges, most significantly their Deadzone kickstarter which saw us casting 131,000 resin components in just a tad over 3 months which was, to say the least, a little hectic. We’re already  making production moulds and sets for the result of their successful Mars Attacks kickstarters and we’ll be busy casting those in the New Year.

We’re expanding the physical store in 2014 by renting a couple of units above our existing ones, making some new office space for Nadine & Jed, as well as an area for packaging large orders such as Mantic Game’s – our experience form all aspects of their Deadzone Kickstarter being of immense benefit to our own plans for (probably) two kickstarters of our own in 2014.

The first of those will be a scenery-orientated one, covering resin sci-fi scenery accessories as well as MDF kits and resin civilian vehicles, targeted specifically toward Infinity and other sci-fi gamers. For this we have been revisiting and updating many of our designs from our 2009 Infinity gaming table. Going back over the progression of some of those old buildings is quite ‘amusing’ seeing just how more intricate designs became in the intervening years…:

sushi bar from 2009-1012
Sushi bar development from 2009-2012

..and how much more we can add to even those more recent designs with new casting techniques, new materials (MDF and Foamed-PVC) and a lot more experience of both gaming and production of wargames scenery.

Of course during that time many other have copied our ideas and advanced their own products, but we’ll be raising the bar again on these sorts of kits with integrated resin components and an overall thematic approach that sees the game able to create a complete tabletop gaming environment from figure bases through to the gaming board, the buildings, the accessories and the vehicles upon.

2014 is going to be a big leap in terms of what we sell and how we sell things, both for and after the Kickstarter as well as new and very exciting partnerships with other wargaming companies.  So, “Interesting times” and  well worth all you sci-fi gamers hoarding a few p pennies into Spring 2014

The other kickstarter that is not as far advanced in planning, but well up there on the list of “Things to do in 2014” is the one involving dropships & flyers… we now have 3 dropship designs and 1 flyer “in the bag”





Harrier Dropship

dropship_nemesis_by_karanak-d34xs4kKrokodil - 224 well as a number of new and exciting military vehicles not yet shown. The intent for these is production in resin, however we are also looking at new materials in 2014 and will be having talks with various reps~ of plastic-manufacturers.


Our other main push for 2014 is to return to our origins and get a lot of Fantasy products back out on to the market, starting with our old plaster-cast ruins that will now be done in resin, including a range of resin-cast buildings and an expanded set of ruins based on the “old tower” system of blocks – all now resin cast in place of plaster:

tudor style country house old tower 2

Beyond that we will expand our range of resin-fantasy-accessories and we will be stocking the general store with many new items, including Basecrafts basing and diorama kits, K&M trees and expanded items from range-manufacturers such as Woodland Scenics, Modelmates, Plascraft Games and others. We will spend some dedicated time in 2014 ensuring that what we stock, and the stock we keep of it, remains as one of the best sources for modelling and wargames supplies and keep expanding our range with new and exciting products.

2013 was a pretty tough year as have been the few before it, we’ve seen a lot of other wargames operations close-down or sell-up and there has definitely been an economic impact on the hobby from the global depression, but we’re still here and the future is in fact looking pretty good thanks to the loyalty of so many of our customers, without whom we would not be here and we thank you all and wish you a very merry Christmas and Happy new Year!


Jed, Nadine & Roy.

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  1. I’m very excited for the dropship Kickstarter! They look terrific, and if the quality is what I’ve come to expect from you guys, they will rock!

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