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2mm White Foamed-PVC

2mm White Foamed-PVC - New larger Size

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2mm Foamed PVC
Foamed PVC
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Sheet Size:580mm long x 430mm wide.


Foamed-PVC is a specialist rigid sheet material that is simply brilliant for making wargames scenery. It is known under a variety of trade names such as Sintra and PALIGHT and is to foamboard what foamboard was to Ceral-packet cardboard.

Foamed PVC comes in thicknesses of 1mm, 2mm and 3mm and is very strong and durable without being excessively heavy - it is considerably lighted than sheet styrene and somewhat heavier than foamboard. You can supplant everything you would make with 5mm foamboard by using 3mm Foamed-PVC and have it coming out much, much stronger: well constructed simple squares of 3mm Foamed-PVC can easily take the full weight of an adult human (and a lot more!).
It is waterproof and more warp-resistant than foamboard, plus you can sand it, carve and drill it to shape and it wont break or shatter when dropped.
It glues very strongly with thick superglues but can be used with emulsion glues if you lightly sand both surfaces to be joined and it also takes paints extremely well with the benefit of not "melting" when used with aerosol paints as do foam-based products such as styrofoam, depron and polystyrol (as well as the centre bits of foamboard).

We cannot recommend this material enough as it is surely what every wargames builder has been looking for: lightweight, very strong, warp resistant, easily shaped and joined and also cheap.

Foam PVC Sheet Characteristics

* Half the weight of solid PVC sheets. (Specific gravity 0.55- 0.70)
* Same thickness at lower cost
* Good mechanical properties
* Good insulation, lower heat transmission
* Easily worked with conventional tools, prints and paints
* Can be easily bonded, vacuum formed, nailed and bolted
* Flammability: self-extinguishing
* Low water absorption
* High chemical resistance
* Meets various international standards
* Non-toxic

Usage Guide:As a rough guide you would use 3mm sheets for the exterior walls of buildings for maximum strength; interior walls and non-weight-supporting walls can be done with 2mm and the 1mm sheets are excellent for adding detail or where flexibility is needed.

Sheet Size:580mm long x 430mm wide.
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