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6mm Snake Fence and 1mm Grass

Here is the prototype for some 6mm snake fence, i we intend to make a few different versions of this, broken rails, missing posts and similar. The pattern is a perfect replication so that the end of each section fits seamlessly onto another section put next to it. This means you can make a continuous unbroken line of snake-fence, or just use a single section for basing, the strip being 10mm deep and 60mm long.

The next image is of a little base we knocked up in, literally, 5 minutes using some of our new 1mm static-grass and a couple of tufts of 2mm MiniNatur/Silflor.

I’ve always considered the “standard” 2-3mm static grass to look rather odd with 6mm figures, so introducing this 1mm static-grass has been a long-term goal. We only have very limited amounts of it at the moment (in our DecorPlus range) but we are awaiting a shipment of it from China in around June.