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726-31 Silflor 6mm Spring Blossom tufts

726-31 Silflor 6mm Spring Blossom tufts

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MiniNatur blossom tufts are a quick and effective way to mimic flowering weeds or flowers for fields or urban settings. The packs consist of the same grass tufts that we are all now used to but those tufts are now covered in a range of flower blossoms.

The packs are differentiated in a number of ways: Firstly the colour and length of the grass used in them, and then by the colour of the blossom itself. To give an example:

"Spring" blossom uses the light green grass of the regular Silflor Spring Grass Tufts on top of which is put blossom that ranges from Yellow to White, mixing in quantities to give yellow & white blossom tufts in the middle of the pack and yellow tufts one end of the pack, white the other end of the pack.
Full size sheet of Silflor is approximately 30cm x 22.5cm
Small Size sheet of Silflor is approximately 15cm x 8cm.
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