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747-22s Silflor Summer Moss Pads

747-22s Silflor Summer Moss Pads (small)

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MiniNatur / Silflor
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Silflor / Mininatur moss pads are exceptionally short fibres of static grass, roughly 0.5mm to 1mm in height which are very tightly packed together into random shapes to perfectly emulate moss for rocks or buildings for any scale from 1:120 and upwards, including 15mm miniature figures and taller.

At small scales, and especially for 2mm and 6mm wargames figures, then the moss-pads make superb grass for fixing onto vehicle and infantry bases.

Highly recommended

Full size sheet of Silflor is approximately 30cm x 22.5cm
Small Size sheet of Silflor is approximately 15cm x 8cm.
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