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Ainsty Stock & Show models stolen.

I picked this up from TMP and wanted to bring it to the attention of as many as possible:

“Ainsty Stock and Painted Figures – Stolen. Help Needed.”

The story is essentially as follows:

“While preparing for his weekend shows, Andy Lyon of Ainsty‘s van was robbed:

All my boxes of show stock are gone, all my display models and figures are gone and all my boxed pieces for on the bottom of the racks are gone. Two racks of blistered minis are gone too.

“It has a substantial retail value plus is about a years worth of stock that he’s built up.

“If anyone sees boxed Ainsty stuff, Crooked Dice and Rogue Miniatures blisters being sold on the cheap let me (or Andy direct) know.

“I painted up most of the CD display figures for him and Paul V2 the Rogues… so if you see any of those on eBay shout out.”