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American Legion Warrior Mech

And hot on the tail of the Viper we have also purchased rights to produce another “vehicle”, this time a 28mm Mech.

This will be slotting in to the American Legion (the figures for which Jed is currently digitally sculpting himself) for our G.O.T. range and will be a high-detail multi-part resin and metal kit.

We haven’t finalised the size for this model yet as the extensive work converting the model into a printable format is still ongoing, however it looks like this will be at least 80mm and probably more like 100mm at parade stance.

The intention is to keep as much detail as possible so that we can produce some dynamic stances utilising metal pistons and movable parts wherever possible.

Release date will be prior to Xmas, hopefully around November, but that dpends largely on completing the new 15mm vehicles and the Viper Scout Car, and the mobile turrets and… I’m sure you get the idea.  “soon as possible” :-0

The video below will some idea of the mech in movement.

American Legion Mech

4 thoughts on “American Legion Warrior Mech

  1. Are there going to be different weapon load outs for this wonderful Stompy machine? Different arms and want not.

  2. Based on the renders so far, I’m going to assume that no, the arms don’t switch. However, if you look specifically at the left arm in different images, you’ll see that the missile launcher is sometimes swapped out with some sort of triple-barreled mini cannon. So I’ll guess that you get at least those secondary weapons swappable.

  3. Yeah we will be looking at alternate weapons and arm load-outs.

  4. What I’m most curious about are those shoulders. The look of them make me think some sort of launchers.. grenade or flak or something like that. However with those impressive side-arm missile launchers, it seems redundant.

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