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Avalon Metro Terminus & Stop Signs – Assembly Guide and Instructions

The ‘Metro Terminus & Stop Signs’ is a multi-part kit consisting of pre-painted MDF, reverse etched acrylic, highly detailed resin and photo quality image prints. This guide will show you how to construct the bus stop for the Metro Terminus. The MDF for this kits is not framed, so all that is required to put together this kit is glue. We recommend Deluxe Materials ‘Super-phatic’ to glue together MDF, and Deluxe Materials ‘Tacky Glue’ to stick the photo prints to the MDF.

Step 1

Glue the large rectangular photo print to either side of the large black MDF piece with the same shape. Use glue sparingly, so as to not damage the photo prints. Line the photo print up so that the bottom edge of it rests at the horizontal line cut into the MDF piece. 

Step 2

Glue large rectangle piece (that now has photo prints on either side) to the base of the bus station. The rectangular piece should slot comfortably into the holes in the base . Use glue sparingly.

Step 3

Put the ‘X’ shaped black pieces on either side the base and rectangle piece, flitting them all together. Use glue sparingly.

Step 4

Put you current assembly aside for a moment. Take the square-ish shaped black pieces, these are required for the sides. The photo-prints need to be glued to the black pieces. Make sure the notches in the photo prints line up with the notches in the black pieces.

Step 5

The square black pieces on the previous step need to be glued to the ‘X’ shapes on sides of the bus stop. Make sure to line up the edges of the square piece with the edges of the ‘X’ shaped pieces. 

Step 6

Glue the black oval roof on top of the bus stop. The holes in the roof piece slot over guide lugs from the X-pieces and square side pieces.

Step 7

This step requires no glue, but does require you to line up multiple pieces together before they get clamped. You will have to hold pieces together whilst you slot the clamp pieces. You will need to cut out the green acrylic ‘U’ shaped clamp pieces away from their frames.

Place the clear acrylic cover piece over the photo prints on the side pieces. Line up the notches in the edges of the clear acrylic piece with the notches on the piece behind it. Do not glue this piece! This will ruin the photo prints.

Place the green acrylic side piece in the slot on the inside of the bus stop, aligning the notches in it side with the notches on the black MDF . Do not glue this piece! This will ruin the effect of the reverse etched acrylic. These pieces are reversed etched, make sure the text is readable on the inside the bus stop.

Use the green acrylic ‘U’-shaped pieces to clamp the the green acrylic side piece and the clear acrylic side piece to the bus stop. The fit on these clamps are intentionally tight, and should hold everything together without glue.

Repeat this step for all sides of the bus stop, clamping it all together. Your bus stop should now look like the image below.

Step 8

Place the green acrylic roof piece on top of the black MDF roof piece. This acrylic piece is reversed etched, so make sure it is place the right way up, so that the text is readable from above. Do not glue this piece down!

Step 9

Cut the black ‘U’-shaped clamps from their small frame. Use these clamps to fix the green acrylic roof piece to the roof of the bus stop, with the larger parts of the clamps hanging down. These clamps should hold the acrylic roof in snuggly, and should not need glue. If glue is needed, use a tiny amount of the underside of the clamps where they meet the black roof piece. Be careful not to get any glue on the acrylic piece. 

Step 10

Glue the resin benches to the base of the bus stop, evenly spacing them 2 to each side. You will want to paint the benches first.

You Metro Terminus is now complete.