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Azure Dragon Dropship

Azure Dragon Dropship, Designed For Infinity.

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Azure Dragon Dropship,

The Azure Dragon, originally created for our successful Kickstarter campaign, is now for everyone! This is a highly detailed multi-part resin vehicle, specifically designed to fit within the Infinity universe, created by Corvus Belli and features in their 'Outrage' Manga. The Azure Dragon is the dropship used the Yu Jing faction, and as such has a high technological and Far Eastern look. With curved aerodynamic sides and large VTOL style engines, the Azure Dragon is a formidable looking dropship, and looks fantastic on an Infinity game board. It can function either as a large piece of line of sight blocking scenery, perfect for an ITS game, or even as an objective for your force to fight over in friendly games.

Click here to see a fly-around of the Azure Dragon on Youtube

The Azure Dragon is supplied with clear cast resin canopies and highly detailed brass-etch, to join its resin body.

Original concept art by Vitalli Smyk. 3D design work by Questron. Painted model by Ginger Tim, David Woods and Ive Pelser.



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1 x resin Azure Dragon, including clear cast resin canopies, choice of chin turret and etch brass detailing. 


Parts list:

  • 1 x Cockpit
  • 1 x Engine and wings
  • 1 x Undercarriage
  • 2x Large Engines
  • 2 x Small Stabilising Engines
  • 2 x Tailfins
  • 1 x Chin Sensor-ball
  • 1 x Rear Hatch Door
  • 2 x Clear Cast Canopies.
  • 1 x Etch Brass


  • 312 long
  • 240 wide
  • 116 tall


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Azure Dragon Generic Chinese (Light) Decals
Azure Dragon Generic Chinese (Light) Decals

incl. VAT excl. shipping

Azure Dragon Generic Chinese Decals
Azure Dragon Generic Chinese Decals

incl. VAT excl. shipping

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