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Azure Dragon – Yu Jing Dropship

Hi everyone,

The Azure Dragon is coming to kickstarter in July this year.

At the moment we are waiting on some final prices for decals before we launch, we’re hoping to have the preview KS page up within the next week… in the meantime here is the video:

We have to strictly manage and limit the numbers of the dropship to what we can deliver, and we’ve set that total at 20 a month for 6 months.

Prices are from £100 to £125 depending on how long you are prepared to wait and availability.

The cheapest £100 pledge gets delivered in March 2017, the most expensive £125 gets delivered this October.

Postage is £7.50p – £12.50p depending on where you are in the world.

You may order 1 dropship per pledge, 1 pledge per person and the only add-ons are decals.

Why Kickstarter?

Firstly; we need to fund the decals production – these are the new digital—UV–print type that come pre-cut, so in usage they are essentially the same as traditional model-kit professional decals that you do not need to cut out of a full sheet, but come as individual decals…. However, done with the sooper-dooper new digital UV systems rather than the traditional and more expensive screen-printing process.

Whilst these offer more choices and lower volumes than screen-printing they are still, relatively, expensive and we’re looking at funding not just the decals for the Dropship, but also “shoulder patches” for figures, REMs and TAGs, as well as the generic decals set for the Azure Dragon (English and Chinese) and then the Yu Jing Badges plus the sectorial badges (for the Azure Dragon – so IS, JSA and White Banner) {as shown in the video}.

Successfully doing so will mean that we also open up, down the line, decals for other factions, unit badges and sectorial via the same decal manufacturer… and also professional decals for our other vehicles and scenery… essentially it opens the doors to lots of decal-type shinies (Think Police car, Hopper, Super-Hawk and so forth) .

Secondly – we need to carefully manage the numbers and delivery dates on the dropship production … Kickstarter is ideal for this and it also acts as a public record for both numbers and delivery.

Thirdly – it gives us a “template” for moving into production of the other dropships:

For the Azure Dragon we funded the 3d work and 3d prints ourselves but when you’re looking at £3K + before we even get prototype parts, these vehicles are expensive to produce, especially for tiny companies like ourselves.

If this KS is successful it gives us the template to move promptly on to the other factional designs, particularly those for which we have existing concepts, where we will only have concepts and renders to show and no physical models.
However, we will be using the same designers and printers as we have with the Azure Dragon {and then our moulding and casting services} so you will know the quality of the final products even though we *only* have renders to show for each dropship as we move forward (with the possible exception of Ariadna landing craft which is currently being hand-made)

Why so few production casts?

We want to produce more dropships “as fast as we can” but we have to be able to deliver on time. We don’t want to “fill the system up” with Azure Dragons and not be able to do any “Roc’s” (f.ex).

So we’ve limited the numbers not just for KS delivery reasons but also to allow us room to overlap production of new dropships – meaning that we can start producing other dropships before finishing delivery of all Dragons.

To ensure we can do that we have had to put an extremely strict limit on the numbers so that we can keep parts of our production open, and clear, for the other dropships.

Fourthly: We need the funds for production – Yes, we’ve already financed the most expensive elements, but there’s still a big chunk of work and materials that are still needed to go forward.

So there will only ever be 120 Azure Dragons?

No, we will produce more – but only after the KS delivery and then only when the standard production system is free for production.
So, if we successfully fund the further dropships then that standard-production time will get pushed back: In other words if you want an Azure Dragon *now* get it in this Kickstarter because it could well be 12,18,or 24 months before we produce more (at this point we can’t say when.. but 12 months minimum from end of KS looks certain).

Can we get these from anywhere else?

These will only ever be available direct from us, they will not go to other retailers.
A very, small number will go out as Prizes and to review sites.

What about the “You write the Lore” Competition?

We will be running that competition (which asks you to write 250 words about an in-game company that produces the Azure Dragon for Yu Jing) after the Kickstarter closes.
(Kickstarter rules prevent us running it within the kickstarter and there are questions over whether we can do so off-kickstarter at the same time – so to be safe it’s going to be after the KS ends)

What if I get an Azure Dragon form the KS and win that Competition?

Well, either you can be the only person in the world with 2, or we can refund you for the KS one.

There are no weapons on the Dropship! Will you be making any?

Our license with CB precludes us from producing vehicles/robots/scenery that includes weaponry for a variety of good and reasonable reasons, which means “no, there are no weapons”.

However, you can add your own weapons and with the two turret options comes two of the mounting-rings for the weapons turret (the other turret is the recon-sensor-ball) and there is plenty of room under-wing for mounting weapons pods.

(Items such as the 1/72 Macross Valkyrie  weapons, and modern 1/48 aircraft weapons pods fit perfectly for under-wing weaponry… we can show you some of these during the KS, but it’s up to you to purchase and fit them if you so desire)

We cannot prevent third-parties from manufacturing weapons to fit the chin-turret on the Azure Dragon or any of the other Dropships.

What about Infinity Game Profiles?

There will be an official profile for each dropship to fit with the existing rules.

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