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Basic Habitat Construction (Habitat 1)

Basic Habitat Assembly:

A quick PIctorial assembly guide of the MDF parts of Habitat 1.


i) Always dust/brush the parts before handling and ensure that hands are clean

ii) If you intend to remove the doors and windows, either for attaching the resin parts or replacing them with acrylic elements, then it is is best to cut these parts away from the main parts BEFORE assembling the Habitat.

iii) Always cut parts from the frame from the back, using a sharp knife

iv) Do not use too much glue – especially if using the recommended “Super Phatic” – SP is VERY strong and you only need very small amounts of it to form a solid bond.

v) Do not force parts into slots if they do not fit easily – this usually means that something is wrong: the part is the wrong way, its the wrong part, or the MDF sheet thickness was varied in tolerance (in which case some minor trimming of the fitting lugs may be required)

vi) If ever in doubt always “Dry fit” (test assemble) the parts without glue first!

1: Assemble “Bay Window”  (NOTE: “T” on side piece tells you which is the “TOP” of the part.

2) Fit “Bay WIndows” onto base:

3:  After both Bay WIndows add the “End Sections”:
(Make sure that your Doors line up with the inset door section on the floor.)

4: Attach Habitat sides to Bay Windows and End Sections

5: Attach Roof Guides:  IMPORTANT NOTE: If you intend to use Interior sections then it is best NOT to glue the roof guides into place until you are finished painting the interior sections.
This will allow you to remove the roof guides for easy access to the interior panels, swapping them around, replacing them and so forth. Gluing the roof guides into place will NOT prevent you from getting at the interior panels – it just makes it a little more fiddly.

6: Add the upper and lower angled edge panels – check to ensure that you have the solar panels along the top edge, and that the “lug Guides” are facing to the top.

7:  (do not do this step if you are not fixing the roof guides into place)

Now the edge panels and roof guides are glued in-place you can assemble the roof lugs and then glue them into place using the etched-in guidelines: roof lugs allow you to mount “Safety barriers” and other future accessories to provide rooftop lateral cover.

Also note that the Roof Lugs help cover over exposed construction lugs!

…and that’s it for the “Basics” of Habitat 1 construction!!!


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