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Casting delays and Sci-fi “Thanks!”

We’re a little back-logged on casting at the moment mostly due to the demand in the  new 15mm vehicles.

Whilst we anticipated some interest and had laid-in what we thought would be sufficient stock for the launch, we were unprepared for the deluge of orders that we actually received, and it will take Jed some time to catch-up with the casting required to fulfill those orders.

We’re also very busy on the 28mm sci-fi vehicle side of things with all of them now having passed the 250 mark and 4 of them capping 500+, so a HUGE “Thank-you” to all our customers along with a little request to be patient whilst Jed frantically catches up with the casting.

We are keeping everything in-stock on the cart that we have enough metal parts for and we please do submit orders still, just to make sure that you get yourself in the casting queue.

At the moment it is looking like a 4-5 day delay until we catch-up and we’ll let you all know if anything changes.

Update: As of November we are still running at least 1-2 weeks behind on casting due to the ongoing demand for the 15mm vehicles. Catching up as best we can!