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Checkout Errors – WIP Fix

We are investigating and trying to fix 2 types of error when customers attempt to checkout

1) Error:

File: /apps/gbu0/GBU_Ship/GBU_Ship.php Line: 875 Error Number: 2

The above error is caused by an invalid weight or size being listed on one of the items in your basket. If you email mail us a copy of your order we should be able to find the item and fix the issue

2) Error on checkout payment:
Undefined errors when trying to checkout with a Credit Card are generated for a number of reasons but most likley are the following:

i)Trying to use Maestro (we cannot curently accept Maestro but should be able to do so in the next couple of weeks)

ii) A “flagged” country – if you are a non-UK customer your country may be flagged as being subject to stricter verification methods which can cause your transaction to fail. If you suspect this is the case please drop us an email or use the “contact us” page and we will look into manually processing your order.