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Colony Wind Break

Colony Wind Break

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The Colony Wind Break. Every fledgling colony require protection against the element on a new world, and the Colony Wind Break is how this is achieved. The Colony Wind Break set consists of 9 individual pieces that can be placed around the battlefield as scatter cover designed to blend into the table.

Each piece of the Colony Wind Break measures 77mm x 50mm x 66mm, and can provide both total cover or partial cover to an S2 silhouette depending on the positioning of the model. The pieces of the Colony Wind Break are designed in such a way that a model can tuck in behind the edge of the front panel, and gain cover to the front, and cover to the side of the model facing the inner edge of the Wind Break.

If placed end to end, the Colony Wind Break can create an uninterrupted line measuring 27 inches (68.5 cm), and can therefore cover a large proportion of the battlefield. 

9 Colony Wind Breaks, made of pristine pre-painted MDF and acrylic.

Each Colony Wind Break piece measures 77mm x 50mm x 66mm, and can be joined together for a continuous line of 27 inches (68.5 cm).

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