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Deus Roller Mk. II Assembly Guide and Instructions

The Deus Roller Mk. II is a newer designed version of the Deus Roller that was released as part of the Game Box Kickstarter in 2016. The Deus Roller is both scenery piece and a gaming aid, used to block lines of fire whilst able to be used as a dice tower. The Mk II version features an improved lid, both functionally and aesthetically better, new photo print images, and better spacing on the internal mechanism to aid smooth dice rolling.

The Deus Roller Mk II is a multi-part kits, which includes pre-painted 2mm and 3mm MDF, reverse etched acrylic, highly detailed resin pieces and photo quality screen prints. We recommend using Deluxe Materials ‘Super-phatic’ to glue MDF together, and Deluxe Materials ‘Tacky Glue’ to glue photo prints to MDF.

The instructions to the MK. II are similar to the original Deus Roller, with a few changes.

Step  1

First, take one internal side piece of the Deus Roller to slot the internal pieces into. These are identified by the diagonal slots cut into them. The top of the piece has a slot cut into the top of it, and the bottom has an extra little lump pointing down.

Step 2

Glue in the internal sections of the tower.  These internal pieces are rectangular and fit into the slots on the side piece. These pieces have the word ‘BOTTOM’ cut into them to show how to orient them in the tower. Make sure the larger internal piece is fit correctly, also with the word ‘BOTTOM’ cut into it, which must face the lowest part of the piece.

Step 3

Glue in the other side of the tower. The sides of the internal pieces should just slot into it.

Step 4

Glue in the front and back of the tower. The front is the black pieces that has a ‘U’-shaped slot cut into the bottom of it. The back piece will not have this slot. These pieces will slot into the gaps in the sides , and form the tower into a square shape.

Step 5

Separate the grey base from the rest of the grey frame using a knife on the underside to cut away the small tags holding the pieces to the frame. Do not push the pieces out with your fingers as you will break them. 

Slot the tower into the grey base, glueing it in place.

Step 6

Cut out the photo prints from the A4 photo paper provided. Glue these photo print the plain rectangular black pieces. Be careful not to use too much glue, as this will ruin the photo prints. Do this for all 4 identical pieces.

Step 7

Glue these rectangle pieces with the photo prints to the outside of the tower. Be careful to evenly space these on each side so that there is a gap left either side of them. Do this will all 4 of these rectangles so the tower is surrounded by the photo prints pieces.

Once done on all side, the tower should look like this. The blue representing the photo prints.

Step 8

Separate the green acrylic rods from their frame, but cutting through the tags in the back of frame with a knife. These rods glue in the the corners of the tower, in the spaces between the photo-print pieces. Use glue sparingly so that the glue does not get on the the photo-prints. If possible, do not use super-glue to glue these rods on.

Glue in all 4 rods till your tower looks like this.

Step 10

Glue the benches to the base of the tower on the three sides of the tower, leaving the opening at the bottom of the tower uncovered. You will want to paint the benches in before you glue them.

Step 11

Cut the smaller base piece from the grey frame in the same method as the last. Glue the small black rectangular piece to grey piece, slotting it into place.

Step 12

Glue the last bench into the place on top of the small grey piece, in front of the black back, in the same method as glueing the benches to the tower. Evenly space the bench across the black back piece. You will want to paint the bench before you glue it down.

This piece should now look like this.

Step 13

Find the square black piece, that looks like this :

Glue the square piece with the rounded corners on top of the other square piece. Make sure to glue the piece underneath so that it is dead center in the middle of the piece.

The two pictures below show how the pieces should be glued, with the lower piece glued dead center and evenly spaced underneath the other.

Step 14

Place the green square acrylic piece on top of the two pieces in the previous step. Do not glue this piece! Using glue will ruin the effect of the acrylic. This piece is reverse etched, make sure that the right side is facing up, so that the text is readable from above and not backwards.

Step 15

Cut the black ‘U’-shaped tags from their frame. Use these pieces as clamps by pushing them into the notches in the side of the acrylic piece. The larger parts of the clamps should be lower the the smaller top end. Do not use glue on these pieces! Using glue will ruin the effect of the acrylic. The fit should be tight on these parts. If the fit is not tight enough, a tiny dab of glue can be used on the underside to join the clamp to the black pieces, being careful not to get any glue on the acrylic piece.

Doing this will all the ‘U’-shaped clamps will hold the acrylic piece in place, like so:

Step 16

The Deus Roller Mk II. is now complete. Make sure not to glue the lid or the removeable bench piece, so that the Deus Roller MK II can be used as a dice roller.