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E-Systems Garbage Point – now available in-store.

We’re pleased to announce the release of our first Scenery Box-Set for Infinity the Game: the E-Systems Garbage Point system.

Garbage Point Box Set on Table

The system consists of 3 main ingredients:

1) Auto-Bins;
These are wheeled autonomous bins that detect when they are full and then wheel themselves to the “Garbage Point” where they are vacuumed empty. After this they return to their original location, alleviating you the need to ever empty your own bins.
(£7.50p per pack of 3 – available in the store now)

E Systems Auto Bins AWI10049


2) VT-Sorisso Road Sweeper:
The Volgren-Troller Sorisso is a robotic road-sweeper that patrols aset area and then empties itself at the Garbage Point.
(£7.50p per vehicle, includes an extra “free” bin)

VT Sorisso AWI30030


3) E-System Garbage Point:
The Garbage Point itself consists of 3 Vacuum-points where Auto-BIns or Sirisso Bins can be emptied. Waste is then compacted into the rear (separate) Waste management Container which is collected when full by another vehicle.
(E-System Garbage Point MDF Kit £13.75p)

E Systems Garbage Point AWI70011


As an AW exclusive (You can only purchase this directly from us) there is also a Garbage Point Box-Set, discounted by 15% to £24.50p that contains all three products in a single set.

E Systems Garbage Point Box Set AWI70032
Scenery profiles and extra images of the systems on a table:
VT Sorisso AWI30030 Extended E-Systems Garbage Point AWI70011

garbage 031 garbage 030 garbage 029 garbage 028 Garbage Point Box Set on Table

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