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Fast Panda Production Update

With time moving on I thought it was pertinent to give you guys an update on my progress with the Fast Panda production process.

Mould Making

I have completed the prototyping stage, which means that all of the parts have been successfully cast to create our production mould making masters. These will be used to make all of the production moulds for the project. They then need to be meticulously cleaned to remove any mould split lines so they wont appear on your model.

This has almost been completed and I will have a set of production ready moulds ready for casting this week. 


Having worked out all of the kinks in the process of doing the decals for the Azure Dragon Kickstarter we have streamlined the decal mastering for Fast Panda and they are now in the queue at the printers.


All this means that your Fast Pandas are very close to being dispatched.