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Fate Amenable to Change (FATC) products no longer available via AW

Frank & Tim from FATC has now set themselves up with their own website and are now producing their own ranges of figures and models for various settings.

We’ve worked with the guys from FATC for many years now and you will notice that some of his products are “old AW” – these are items that were historically co-funded or funded entirely by Frank & Tim which have now been given over to them (FATC) in their entirety, and as their IP.

This may be a little confusing as you may well have purchased some of these products/items from AW in the past – but the easiest way to see who has who is just to go to the relevant store as AW will no longer be stocking/selling any FATC products.

Both chaps are very knowledgeable about casting and moulding and you can anticipate high-quality products from them.

The new FATC website can be found on their domain