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Filla-Glu Kicka-Pen

Filla-Glu Kicka-Pen

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Kicka-Pen Conditioner for Filla-Glu Cyanoacrylates offers an innovative Primer/Activator combination in a Felt Pen - Kicka-Pen.

Simply apply Kicka-Pen Conditioner before the use of Filla-Glu Cyanoacrylates. The main advantages of the Kicka-Pen Conditioners are that you also clean the surface by using the pen and that these Pens are not considered as dangerous goods according to the European Chemical Law. There is no Material Safety Data Sheet necessary for this product.

Kicka-Pen conditioner accelerates the polymerisation of Filla-Glu Cyanoacrylate Adhesives. It should be used:

• in case of adverse environmental conditions (dry air, cold),

• in case of bridging bigger gaps, • in case inactive materials are involved.

The Kicka-Pen Conditioner enables you to bond unpolare materials such as e. g. Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), Polyoxymethylene (POM), Silicone as well as modern Thermoplastic Elastomere (TPE) by means of Filla-Glu Cyanoacrylate Adhesive.


AW Says: 

Whilst this might appear as a bit of a gimmick-item it is actually very useful and works exceptionally well. You use it to clean surfaces by simply rubbing it over the area to be glue, that removes any oils such as sebum from handling with bare fingers and leaves in place a mild accelerator so that when surfaces are pressed together the superglue will bond faster than normal. (Bear in mind that if you accelerate a superglue too-quickly then it forms a much weaker bond than normal, so too-rapid an accelerator is bad for strength.)

We use the pens as a standard practice now and have come to rely on them in helping to form strong superglue joins which withstand even rough handling and they are highly recommended, especially as they are such good value-for-money and last a long time.

Contains 1 x Kicka-Pen

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