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Filla-Glu now in stock

Despite an incredibly silly series of names we now have some of the Filla-Glu products in stock.

The company behind the glue range have extensive industry knowledge in other areas and have only just started producing glues for the wargamer and modeller, they were linked, rather unfortunately, with the hideous “War Glue” company and products but are, thankfully, nothing to do with  that company or those woeful products.

Indeed some of the Filla-Glu products have turned out to be rather good, and the innovative Kicka-Pen really is a must-have for anybody who uses superglue.

The “Instant MV” is a very good value general purpose superglue and the “undo” is also far superior to many other brands out there. We’ve been using these products for over 4 months and have been impressed by them, especially by the knowledgeable information from the manufacturers and their willingness to change prices to make the glues more affordable for the modeller and much more competitive with other brands.

A few of the products are a bit of a gimmick (such as the coloured glues) so we’ve avoided stocking those but should any customer want anything else from the range they are all available to us.