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Forward Base Habitat 4

Habitat 4, from the 'Forward Base' line.

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Antenocitis Workshop
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'Hab 4' is a Habitat from the 'Forward Base' line. Originally created for our 'Forward Base' Kickstarter, the Habs have been subtly redesigned, improving their aesthetic and playability, without compromising on the theme or price of the buildings. The Forward Base buildings provide the perfect setting for a colony on a stranded planet or a science expedition to a hostile region.

Hab 4 features a few new details, such as hinged door and under-Hab skirting, making the Habs better suited to the ever changing world of wargaming. The Hab is pre-painted with a pristine finish, keeping the paint job clean of burn marks from the laser. Simply peel back the protective paper to reveal the vibrant paintwork. This Hab also includes, acrylic reverse-etched windows, and highly detailed resin doorways and hatches. Hab 4 follows the same aesthetic as the rest of the Forward Base Line, and features an 'L'-shaped style of building.

Hab 4 cannot be stacked on top of another building, due to its size and shape, but it can be used as a base for Habs 2 and Hab 3, for them to be stacked on top of it.

1 x Forward Base Hab 4 which includes

  • Pristine pre-painted MDF
  • Reverse etched acrylic windows and doors.
  • Highly detailed unpainted resin doorways and external parts.
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