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Forward Base Kickstarter – preliminary data

Prelim Data for our small-run KS this summer which focuses on our Designed for Infinity range but can be used for any other sci-fi 28mm setting.

ETA is July 2014


Habitat Modular Buildings:

Hab 1 (Phoenix Ind) (Pre-painted, pre-coloured Resin) (done)
Hab 1 (plain MDF) (done)

Hab 2 Med-Lab (Phoenix Ind) (Pre-painted, pre-coloured Resin) (done)
Hab 2 Med-Lab – (plain MDF) (done)

Hab 3 Dormitory (Phoenix Ind) (Pre-painted, pre-coloured Resin) (done)
Hab 3 Dormitory – (plain MDF) (done)

Hab 4 L-shape (Phoenix Ind)(Pre-painted, pre-coloured Resin) (in testing)
Hab 4 L-Shape – (plain MDF) (in testing)

Hab 5 Workshop* (Phoenix Ind) (Pre-painted, pre-coloured Resin) (awaiting costings)
Hab 5 Workshop* – (plain MDF) (awaiting costings)

Hab 6 Bio-Lab* (Sankalp Ocimum) (Pre-painted, pre-coloured Resin) (awaiting costings)
Hab 6 Bio-Lab* – (plain MDF) (awaiting costings)

Hab 7 Scout Tower* (Grupo Segduridad) (with Landing Pad) (Pre-painted, pre-coloured Resin)
Hab 7 Scout Tower*  (with Landing Pad) – (plain MDF) (awaiting costings)

Hab 8 – Walkways 40mm* (Tangaroa) – (Pre-painted, pre-coloured Resin)
Hab 8 – Walkways 40mm* – – (plain MDF) (awaiting costings)

Hab 9 – Walkways 55mm* (Tangaroa) – (Pre-painted, pre-coloured Resin)
Hab 9 – Walkways 55mm*  – (plain MDF) (awaiting costings)


Resin Scenery:
Hab 1 – 7 Interior Panels Sets (1 set for each Habitat) (done)


Interior Scatter Sets:
Bio-Lab set (done)

Med-Lab Set (done)
Cargo Set 1 (done)
Power Set 1 (done)

Container Set 1 (done) (awaiting costings)
Container Set 2 (done) (awaiting costings)

Paradiso Flora Cover Set 1* (in sculpting)
Paradiso Flora Cover Set 2* (in sculpting)
Land Coral Set* (in sculpting)

Acrylic Scenery:
Safety Barriers (Grupo Seguridad) (done)

Resin & Metal Vehicles
Fork-Lift* (Volgren Troller) (in 3D Design)
Hopper (Industria Aeronautica) (Flyer)* (in 3D Design)

(edit) + Samsara Utility Vehicle (started today 10/6/2014)



If its got a * next to it then it is still being worked on.. main “delay” at the moment is awaiting pre-painted samples and costing for the MDF scenery.


There are no previews available at the moment (some items still need CB authorization and most have not yet been painted), updates will appear in this forum and on our Facebook page as we get them.


We are trying to get this on to KS for the end of June/ start of July… however that date is subject to change.
Delivery date <=3 months from end date