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Forward Base – Last Chance to sign-up!

We are soon to be closing-off our production schedule for Forward Base and so if you are interested in getting on-board the Forward Base production cycle then this is your very last opportunity until the products go to Retail (at full retail prices) at the start of 2016.

Those interested should email or message us via Kickstarrer (Antenocitis Workshop Ltd) asking to be included at which point we will send you an invitation to join the Forward Base Backer-kit.

Once there you can order most of the items that were available during the Kickstarter, at the moment we are finishing off our WAVE 1 deliveries, WAVE 1 Power Strain PLUS and Forward Base PLUS are now being dispatched and we will be moving rapidly into WAVE 2 at the end of October and then WAVE 3 – new joiners will be entered into WAVE 3 whose delivery is estimated to be completed for Xmas this year.

Whilst you will not be able to get the “PLUS” pledges that were Kickstarter exclusives, you will still be able to get most of the other options and offers which still give a sizeable discount on the retail prices.  In addition retail products will be far more restricted in colour choices and type of weathering, so this really is your last chance to get onto the discounts offered with Forward Base, before we stop accepting any further orders.

We will stop accepting new backers October 23rd but in the meantime can accept payments via paypal or credit-card via Backer Kit.

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