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Fredericus Rex Grass Tufts now in store

We are now stocking another set of grass-tufts made by Fredericus Rex from Germany.

These tufts are different to Silflor/MiniNatur in that they use more “traditional” colours of static-grass closer to those often used by wargamers and model-railway enthusiasts… that being the Mixes favoured by Noch (GW) and Faller.

The tufts are slightly “looser” packed than Silflor, which gives them a slightly “wilder” appearence and unlike SIlflor they come as a fixed number of tufts of a more uniform size.

They are slightly cheaper than Silflor/MiniNatur and come in different heights 2-3mm, 2-7mm, 6-7mm and 12-18mm, whilst that last size may sound big, they actually make for great (very) long-grass tufts for 28mm figures and scenery and they also do a very nice box of mixed tufts.

All in all they make a nice alternative to Silflor, particularly for wargamers who want to stick to colours more compatible with the typical wargames types of static-grasses

You can find the range of tufts here, prices starting at £3.49p