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Free International Postage on AW products

Free International Postage until December 31st.

Now that we have a swanky-new webstore we can start offering some special offers to customers with accounts.  First-up is a time-limited free-postage offer for account holders who buy Antenociti’s Workshop products: That means any of our GOT figures, scenery and vehicles, plus the various other AW items will be sent free of charge, to anywhere in the world, when you spend £25.00 and over. (also remember that  if you are outside of the EU then you will also get the VAT (17.5%) deducted from your order!)

To easily see our items you can use the “Brands” dropdown to show all items listed for AW, and then the various GOT categories also.

You do need to be an account holder though to take advantage of this offer, so sign-up first and be logged into your account otherwise you wont see the free-postage offer!

It’s worth doing this anyway as you will get 20 reward-points free-of-charge, just for registering an account and which you can then use immediately on that order!
(The offer only extends to AW and GOT products, if you add other brands to the basket then you will be asked to pay postage).

Please note: this offer is not open to Guests, nor customers in Germany – Germans can get their GOT figures, scenery and vehicles direct from Battlefield Berlin.