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Free Paper/Card craft Containers

We were recently passed the templates of the Devil Team Infinity Containers so that we could knock-up a few alternatives of them in more of a generic sci-fi vein.

As such please find 10 new patterns on .pdf for sci-fi containers…. loosely done as a set of “Evil Corporations”.
Weyland Yutani (aliens), UAC (Doom), Cerberus (Mass Effect), Coca Cola, Multi National United (District 9) , RDA (Avatar), Skynet (Terminator) , Soylent (Soylent Green), Umbrella Corp.

Weyland Container

Cerberus Container

Coca Cola Container

MNU Container

NRF Container

RDA Container

Skynet Container

Soylent Container

UAC Container

Umbrella Container

5 thoughts on “Free Paper/Card craft Containers

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