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G.O.T & its Vehicles – the Plan

A lot of you have been asking us what is our long-term plan for the G.O.T range, especially with regard to other scales than 28mm, so here’s i the “Master plan” albeit one without dates:

We are currently working on getting at least one full faction of armoured vehicles and support completed for 6mm wargaming: that will be an ongoing process that will slowly drip-feed in new units ever couple of months or so. The first set of units of half a dozen tanks and four APCs, the G.O.T Warthogs, Vampires and Preying Mantis, should all be out by Colours or Warfare.

Switching rapidly back to 28mm the new Jackal Armoured-Jeep will be going to print this month and hopefully into production  for the end of August or start of September. Following that will be the Preying Mantis (the military versions of the mono-wheel)  and then the Armadillo APC.

Following (very) popular demand we will now also be moving the G.O.T vehicles and a selection of scenery, into 15mm although that move will only take place in a drip-feed manner similar to that of the 6mm vehicles. Similarly we have no current plans to produce 15mm or 6mm figures: 6mm figures are rather generic in most cases, so other than vehicle-specific figures and unique personal-armour sets, there will be no 6mm G.O.T figures (at this stage).

15mm figures will follow the same pattern in that they will be produced only where needed for specific vehicles such as the Vampire, Mantis and man-portable weaponry such as field guns and emplacements….and talking of emplacements: the Stalwart bunker system and defence walling has already been done for 6mm and should go into production in September to be followed by new gun emplacements and defence towers as well as landing-pads and other scenic accessory pieces.

As with many small manufacturers we simply dont have the financial resources to produce huge amounts of new models in one go so rather than specifying a schedule to which we could probably not keep due to business fluctuations, all we can say is that whenever possible we will try to bring out new items in a regular fashion hoping to meet something like the following:

28/32mm – vehicles 1 every 3 months

15mm vehicles 1 every 1-2 months

6mm vehicles 1 every month

In some cases a “vehicle” will include all its options; so that a new tanks might mean 3 chassis types and 6 turrets making 18 variants.. or it may mean just a single vehicle. Yes, we know, it’s all rather chaotic and ill-defined but that’s how it goes with very small businesses I’m afraid.
What we can pledge though is that once we start a scale range we will fill it evenly with vehicles wherever possible, so you will be able to game through 6mm to 15mm and 28mm using like-for-like vehicles wherever possible, and ultimately like-for-like scenery elements too.

The G.O.T universe and ranges was always intended to allow you to move from small-scale too large and we’ll shoe-horn in 15mm simply because so very many people have been asking for us to do so!