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28mm G.O.T. Scenic items and 28mm G.O.T. Figures to cease production.

Governance Of Technology The Governance of Technology (G.O.T.) range of scenery and figures have proven very successful for us, however, as part of a significant change designed to enable us to offer greater support to our partners, the 28mm Governance of Technology range of figures & scenery will cease production in April 2014 and be phased-out completely by June 2014.

This includes all 28mm figures (TPEA, NRF, TPF and civilians) and all 28mm scenery elements within the current G.O.T. catalogue, as well as our 28mm “Generic Sci-fi” scenery elements. It also includes all robots and walkers such as the WAW Sentry drone and the Komodo.

These items will remain in production until April 2014 so long as appropriate moulds remain viable for them; however, should production moulds reach the end of their life we will not be making new moulds, so some popular items may go out of production sooner.

In the meantime scenery tailored for specific games (such as Mantic’s ‘Deadzone’ game) will become available for purchase from our store, as will products tailored for other games systems yet to be announced. These new items will be partial or complete re-designs of G.O.T. models but at this point in time we do not have a definitive list of what products will re-emerge and what products will not.

As such some items may no longer be available in their current format once we get past April 2014, so if you want a specific set of current scenery we recommend that you purchase these as soon as possible.

Similarly if you wish to purchase any of our 28mm figures then we recommend doing so as soon as possible, and at least before April 2014 to be certain of getting what you want.


Please note:

We will  make a further announcements regarding 28mm G.O.T. vehicles at a later date, however, major changes within that range are not anticipated.

This announcement does not affect 15mm  G.O.T. figures, scenery or vehicles, or plans for the same in 6mm.

None of the 28mm G.O.T figures, G.O.T scenery, or any of the Generic Sci-fi Scenery items that will be discontinued, will be available for purchase by other parties.