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G.O.T. turret WIPS

Here are a few WIP shots of our new Turret system for G.O.T.

What I wanted to do with these is produce a range of guns for common encounters, so Anti-Tank, Anti-Air, Missile, Kinetic-HMGs and Dual Light-cannons.

These were all designed (with the exception of the missiles) to be used as completely stand-alone turrets: (you will have to excuse a few alignment issues on these photos as they are using blu-tak to stick things together!)






What I also wanted to do was allow the turrets (except the missile one) to be able to be used with figures operating them. The basic mount on the above guns will include a small metal mount that allows the weapons to be elevated up to80 degrees, so they can both swivel and elevate. You can then remove the circular mount and slip onto the base another section which will have a seated figure controlling it as here:


This will allow the gamer to use the Turrets as either automated systems or manually-assisted, giving you two-versions for every type (except the missiles).

This won’t be available for SALUTE, but should be out in the Summer-time (pending sculpts of figures)