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GameBox KS Delivered and on-schedule

Infinity Game Box

As of Today we have dispatched every GameBox pledge that we able to.

A large batch were done over the Bank-Holiday and are going out by courier today – if you check your BackerKit status it should now say “Shipped”.

We have a couple of £1.00 pledges that have not answered their survey – we’re not too concerned over those as its quite common that these are never answered.

We do, however, have a total of 11 backers whose pledges cannot be shipped as they have outstanding issues on their account: survey not answered, postage not added, or incorrect postage added.

These backers have been emailed a couple of times but we’ve not received replies – those accounts will thus show “answered” but not “shipped” – if you are one of those please get in touch with Chris (

Other than those everybody else’s pledges are now shipped or shipping – there is a little surprise “upgrade” for those with Deus Rollers where we have swapped-out the original photo-print, for digitally printed vinyl stickers.

Instructions for the Deus Roller and ISO Container’s will be going up this week.

Thanks again to everyone who backed GameBox, we hope you enjoy your products!

Jed, Nadine, Chris, Ben

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