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GOT to get US armour…

We’ve been rather Infinity orientated for some time now, so it’s refreshing to finally get the “old” GOT vehicle lines back up and in production.

As we’ve now gotten most of our back-catalogue of vehicles on to the store we now want to pay some attention to our own range of sci-fi vehicles: Governance of Technology (GOT).

This is going to be an ongoing development process combining normal retail releases with a couple of intermittent Kickstarters. Those Kickstarters will be longer-term projects to develop most of an entire faction in “one hit”, but not at the cost of normal production or development.

So, at the very end of July this year, we will be launching a Kickstarter to finance the entire US-IMF (United States Independent Military Forces) faction in both 28mm and 15mm. 

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The Kickstarter will include a total of 10 different vehicles, from a 4×4 recon vehicle through to Heavy and Super Heavy Tanks and artillery.

US-IMF 28mm resin vehicles, tanks, APCs going to Kickstarter august 2017

To achieve this we’ve teamed up with 3D designer “GrafxBox” who have a well-known and popular series of Low-Poly models for computer gaming.

We’re taking those designs and converting their low-poly computer-games designs, into high-quality ‘true 3D’ models, which we will then 3D print and go on to produce in resin for 15mm and 28mm tabletop ‘scales’.


Kickstarter is due to start on the 31st July and will run for roughly 13+ days.