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Habitat 3 Assembly Guide

Habitat 3 Guide:


Build the “bay Window” (Look for the “T” at the top of the side pieces to tell you which way up they go (“T” = top)


Attach Bay Window to Base


Add end-pieces as shown:3

Attach Side Pieces as shown:4

Add top strips (Do NOT glue in place if you will be inserting and removing internal scenery sections for painting later on) 5

Attach angled top-strips with solar-cells on them: 6

Attach under-side angled strips: 7

Add “lugs” on to top-side angled-strips: To get their position correct pre-assemble a Safety barrier and use it to space out the lugs evenly (The Lugs are used to hold the Safety barriers in place on the roof) 8

Add the under-side Lugs: These are a special feature of Habitat 3 and are there to allow you to “Lock in place” Habitat 3 when it is placed on top of a Habitat 1 or Habitat 4. You will need to first assemble Hab 1 or 4 before you can properly position these lugs.9

Add the roof and then glue into place all the exterior resin, simply matching the parts up with their “outline” marked on the MDF as shown below.


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