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Habitat 4 Instructions

Habitat 4:

This is a simple build so long as the construction order is followed:




Attach bay Windows onto Grey base-plate (For Habitat 4 the base is made up of two parts that you should glue together first)




Locate and put together the follow two sets of frost-coloured parts:
3  4

Next add the Habitat end pieces…


And then add in the far corner support – and the inter-locked interior-corner walls (fit into the base first, and then locate and glue the end holes to the Habitat end-pieces….


And then add the other side-pieces…



Followed by the top roof strips: (do not glue into place if you wish to later add interior scenery along the side – it is best to leave these strips unglued until the interior is added and painted)

After this add the angled upper and lower strips:



Finally the roof-lugs can be glued into position using a set of safety barriers to properly align the lugs (the safety barriers should fit into the depressions in the lugs as shown)



Habitat 4 Internal Layout:

Screen Shot 01-25-16 at 10.38 AM 001 Screen Shot 01-25-16 at 10.38 AM

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