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Habitat 5 – Assembling the Ramp




Take the ramp hinge pieces and attach them to either side of the ramp – make sure to get them the correct way up (see image)


Next assemble one of the end-supports – the blank piece goes on the outside:




Now take the piece of rod and push it through the two hinges and into the one end-piece as shown:



Assemble the other end-piece and push it on to the rod (do not glue – it will be a tight fit but should allow the parts to rotate around the rod – if they don’t lightly sand the rod so that it does)




Now with the inges assembled and attached to the ramp you can position the ramp by the front doors…



Apply glue to the top side of the pieces and glue to the underside of the front of the Habitat as shown…. resulting in the final position as shown here.




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