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Habitat 5 – Rough Guide

Habitat 5 is a slightly complex build as it needs to be approached in a specific way – as with all of the Habitats (and MDF kits in general) if a part does not fit, or feels too tight, ends the MDF or otherwise feel wrong – do NOT force it into position.

Forcing something usually means bending or breaking MDF ans its better to stop and check that it is the right part in the right slot before trying to put the parts together again.

That said the actual accuracy of the laser-MDF sheet thickness is not perfect and they can vary as much as +/- 0.2mm in thickness, which can result in tight (or lose) fitting parts.  So it generally pays to dry-fit parts together before gluing them together.

Habitat 5- The workshop:

1) Fit the upper side walls and roofs guide into lattice 1, and then slot these parts into Lattice 2.

2: the result will look like this:

3: On the left side push the two struts into Beam 1 and slot that into the lattice as shown:

4: now slot in the yellow wall section ensuring that the lower lug from Strut 2 slots into the bottom as shown:

5: Slot into place the other wall section and then put together the side-wall inserts (sinks and first-aid lockers) – do this on both sides.

6: Now take the inner rear wall and slot it onto the assembled parts:

7: The entire assembled part can now be gently pushed into the slots in the grey base section – work along each side, from the back of the workshop toward the front.

8) by gently lifting up the upper side walls and roof guide you can gently fit the workshop front wall into place in the base.

9: to lock everything into place fit the lugs of the frontwall into the slots in the upper side pieces

10: at this stage the rear wall is fitted into the base – and locked-in to the rest of the building by adding the other Upper Side Wall pieces:

11: your roof sections should now drop into place and the workshop be fitted together as a solid single unit.

Front ramps, the interior walkway and other fittings can be added at will (more details of their assembly will come later – this guide is just to get you over the initial difficulties with putting the framework of Habitat 5 together)

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