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Haqqislam Faction Decals

Haqqislam Faction Decals

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Haqqislam Faction Decals, Designed For Infinity.

These decals have been designed for the Haqqislam Faction of Infinity, and should be sufficient to cover a 'vanilla' Haqqislam army, and more besides. The decal sheet has been designed to cover the 'Availability' of each troops unit badge in a Haqqislam army, enough Haqqislam faction badges to cover at least 50 troops, badge edge decals to number the edge of bases on troops with a higher availability or fireteam options, and even larger sized decals for larger models (such as TAGs or S5 Heavy Infantry).

Our decals are produced with a brand new technology that isnt yet widely available and is higher quality than traditional water-slide screen printed decals. Our decal sheets feature full colour printing, with no limits on colour variation including white, opaque finish that will remain vibrant when placed over any painted surface, and micro-precision cutting 0.2mm around the edge of the decals saving you from cutting it out yourself. Note that these decals are not traditional water-slide decals and should not be treated as such. The decals will need to soak in water for a few seconds before being removed with tweezers,  but will not freely float off themselves. Please check the technical details page for further details.

Applying small decals

Applying large decals

Decal products produced by Antenocitis Workshop are printed on a commercial wide-format printer using solvent inks (CMYKLcLm + White + Metallic inks).

As such, the decal media may be a little different to the normal decal media you are used to.  Two key differences generally are:

  • the decal film is physically much tougher than most competitors, and is designed to be handled using fine needle-nose tweezers;
  • the adhesive bonding the decal film to the backing paper is designed for our pre-cut decals, and does not allow decals to simply float-off when placed in water;

Thus, the normal advice we provide for applying our decals is:

  • place the section of decal media in water for a slow count of 5;
  • remove from water and shake to remove any excess water;
  • using a pair of fine-nose tweezers, pick the edge of a decal – where we have pre-cut the decal film – to gently lift the decal from the backing media
    (our decals do *not* float or slide off … unless you leave them in water for a _long_ time);
  • with a little water on the receiving surface, position the decals as required.
    Add more water if further movement is required
    (some people prefer to use decal setting solution instead of water.
    we have generally found either/both techniques to be useful);
  • once positioned, use the edge / corner of a tissue to wick away any excess water;
  • apply decal setting solution and leave for 1 – 5 minutes;
    • We often recommend “Mr Mark Softer”, although Tamiya’s “Mark Fix” is generally equally effective.
    • MicroScale’s Micro Sol was less effective with our older decal film and, depending upon where you are located, can be more expensive than the alternatives.
    •  We have found that some decal setting solutions are quite ineffective, as they are more appropriately formulated for alternative decal films;
  • once a decal has had time to react to the decal setting solution, do -not- attempt to move or re-position it!
  • allow the decal setting solution some time to react with the decal film;
  • again use the edge / corner of a tissue to wick away any excess solution;
  • use a balled-up tissue to gently but firmly press the decal onto the surface to both remove air bubbles and to promote conformance to a non-flat surface
  • allow to dry, then apply a suitable clear-coat.

You will find our decals offer considerable resistance to damage, but are generally _very_ conformable when correctly treated with decal setting solution, such that ‘silvering’ is not normally an issue.

Because we use solvent inks printed onto a urethane-base decal film, most commercial clear-coat solutions are suitable for finishing our decals.
The only solutions that we have found that are *guaranteed* to damage our decals are solvent-based solutions.

NOTE:  Please do not hesitate to contact us immediately should you have any questions regarding the above, or for any issues experienced with our decals or services.

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