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“Quick Mould” reusable instant mould material

Reusable modelling compound. This resin material is unique and amazing and reuseable again and again.

To soften Quick Mould, place a piece of the material in hot water (approx: 80 degrees C/176F) for about 3 minutes.

Take the Quick Mould out of the water with a pair of tongs or other tool.

Dry off with a paper towel

Press your original part into softened Quick Mould to make a mould.

Wait for the Quick Mould to cool it should be hard but still flexible.

Casts can be made from most non-exothermic setting materials such as Green-Stuff and Grey-Stuff, you can even make 2-part moulds and re-use the material over and over and over again.

Multiple sticks can be formed together to make larger moulds.

Use to make quick moulds for Polymer clay. Top tip: use a small amount of baby oil to make your original pop out super easy.

You can use Quick Mould like a modelling compound you can use it to make beads, charms. Anything is possible.

Note: Quick Mould is also known as “Oyumaru” and “Instant Mould” in other countries.


HotMould material is SBS, non hazardous.

Pack weighs approx 38g.

6 blocks in a pack.

Each block approx 60mm x 15mm.

Cost: £4.95p (RRP £5.50p)