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How to join Foamboard

Joints when using foamboard:

Foamboard is a very popular building material for wargamers but it is incredibly common to see well built buildings which, at every corner, show the exposed parts of the foamboard “sandwich” – this can look odd to ugly but there are a number of very simple methods to eliminate those ugly edges:

Rabbet joint
This is simplicity itself – simply cut off the width of the foamboard on the meeting-edge of the two pieces BUT, leave the final layer of paper which will then hide the “sandwich” interior:

Miter Joint
Simply cut both meeting-edges at 45degrees so they form a 90-degree corner piece: (this is easier to do with a tool such as the X-acto foamboard-cutter which can cut precisely at 45 degrees)

Seamless miter Joint
This is the same as the previous method except that you leave the outer paper edge in the same way that you did with the rabbet joint; that then disguises the joint altogether.

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