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Hunchback APC now available.

The Agency Hunchback APC is now available in store.

Priced at £21.49p this 28mm ‘scale’ vehicle is ideal as a sci-fi APC for most 28mm figures.

It comes with two alternate turrets and multiple options for those turrets (2x Quad missile tubes & Light canons, 1x Light AT gun, 2 x Missile pods).

Designed by Jed with thanks to Nick Constantine for the original inspirational concept art.

Length ~ 140mm
Width ~ 63mm
Height ~ 48mm (without turret/weapons)

Resin body
Resin wheels
Resin Turret
White-metal Weapons

A couple of people have asked how many troops can fit inside this, the below image is using 28mm sized figures and shows 12 comfortably fitted into the rear 2/3 of the vehicle.
Leaving room for weapons and equipment though I would reduce that to 8.

The slanted underside of the vehicle suits itself to both anti-IEC/Landmine blasts as well as the shape of a seated human. Whilst it can be easy to assume the sloped hull reduces room for troops it actually doesn’t reduce room at all, it merely gets rid of the traditional box-section shape where, when one thinks about it, a lot of room is “wasted” beneath a seated person. As such these types of hull shapes, common in modern APCs and mine-resistant vehicles, are, in ergonomic terms, better designs than box-sections, purley in terms of space-utilisation. It does, obviously, reduce under-seat stowage, as there is’ none’, but APCs are incredibly cramped in modern times  anyway and the amount of room that troops are squeezed into surprises most civilians.