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I Spy, with my little eye, something beginning with… “Awesome!”

First prototype resin castings of the NRF Komodo carapace armour.


This is still a Work In Progress.

1) Rough areas on shoulder pads will be fixed… the gate was too big and the resin plugs leave a marred surface… will be fixed down the line.

2) there is a fuel-rod and heat-sink missing off the top-section… (the tiny little pointy-things off the back-top of the suit)  again this will be remedied down the line.


That said: here follows some quick images taken on my painting desk.

At this point I am checking fit and looking for any problem areas, print markings and such like, that need to be fixed before moving on to production.

Whilst the images are a little rough I think that you can already see the superb level of detail and the crispness of the resin/model even at this stage.

The alternative weapons are shown on the desk; the hand and ammo-belt for the Gatling gun will be done in metal, i’m considering doing a limited edition run of the remainder in resin, followed by an all-metal release afterwards.

For now I’m just ogling it and the lack of any print-artefacts on it…. remember this has not yet been “cleaned-up” yet.

Figure alongside it is an Infinity, Pan-Oceania ORC-Trooper, shown simply to gauge size.scale.

3 thoughts on “I Spy, with my little eye, something beginning with… “Awesome!”

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  2. A quality piece of kit,I really like the whole sum of the suit,nice to see weapon options.I`ll patiently wait for your metal final figure.

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