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IA SJX93 “City Hopper”

IA SJX93 City Hopper

The “City Hopper” now has its Scenery Profile for use within Infinity which are now shown on the “Extended” images for the product.

The City Hopper will be available for retail in January 2016, however many of you already have these via our Forward Base Kickstarter and so we are releasing its Scenery Profile now so that it can be used within games immediately.

As you can see form the Profile it can be used as a Landing Craft, best viewed as a very-light Dropship, but one that can drop onto a very small landing area due to its small (landing-gear) footprint.

Its “Narrow Access” means that you can’t put in anything with a Silhouette larger than an S2 and “Cargo Standard” limits those numbers to a maximum of four, buts its “AD Combat Jump” and Ph of 13 gives it good chance of landing where you intend and it has some “survivability” against ground fire.

IA SJX93 City Hopper


In ‘verse terms the SJX93 is a hypersonic VTOL that is capable of reaching close to the Karman line which makes it a favourite “toy” of the rich and powerful, capable of transporting a few people very (very) quickly from one city to another in fast, upper-atmosphere “hops” far quicker than traditional jet aircraft.

It has also found service as a rescue craft on wealthier systems and difficult-terrain areas, where its tiny footprint makes it capable of getting into areas denied even to rotorcraft or larger Landing Craft.

With a pilot and Medic onboard it leaves little room for evacuees, but for single-person emergencies it provides a very fast service from even the most rural area to the city-center medical facilities at a pace that no rotorcraft or jet can match.

A specialised Medical Emergency version, (IA SJX93M) which has a “rack’em and stack’em” stretcher system in the rear, is capable of handling 2 evacuees at once, with the pilot shifted forward and room behind him for two med-techs, however room is cramped to say the least and it is more common to find the Pilot being cross-qualified as a Junior med-tech and a fully qualified Doctor used to replace the 2 med-techs, leaving much more room for the Doctor to act within and the Pilot acting as ‘aide” for loading, unloading and immediate triage tasks at emergency sites.


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