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Incursion Barriers (6)

Incursion Barriers (6)

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Incursion Barriers. In defense of prize targets in the Undertown, the Metro Police Station or Cage's Capsules, authorities often use Incursion Barriers to limit the movement of possible insurgents in Metro 378. Made from thick reinforced concrete and rebar, Incursion Barriers, are designed to be obstacles placed on the road, and shutting down movement of vehicles and being able to withstand a crash if they are forced.

Incursion Barriers are a set of 6 resin items. They can provide total cover to S2 and S1 silhouettes and partial cover to larger silhouette sizes. Incursion Barriers are good for placing down roadways to prevent them from being open sniper lanes, or helping to close down and cover other areas of the board.

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6 x unpainted resin Incursion Barriers

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