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June Releases

June Releases now on the store:

Painted by Tom Schadle

Advert-Screens by Mothman

“Anomala” (Scarab) Beetle Cars: 2 per pack £7.50p

Anomala Car AWI30023

Information Terminals: 2 per pack, with Photo Print screens and acrylic rod: £9.50p

Information terminals awi10028 1 Information terminals awi10028 2 Information terminals awi10028

SleepBox: 1 per pack with Photo print screens £8.50p

SleepBox AWI10029

Tangaroa Nike Stands: 2 per pack, pre-painted Pristine MDF kit: £8.50p

tangaroa bike stands awi70014

Tucuxi Race-Wheel: ! metal race wheel with resin base: £8.50p

Tucuxi RaceWheel AWI30022


Visual Arc Markers (10 for £4.50p)

25mm Visual Arc markers awi80000

25mm Wound/Unconscious markers (4 Wound 1, 6 Unconscious – £4.50p)

25mm Wound markers awi80003


Antenocitis Workshop Designed for Infinity

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