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Kickstarter update: Delayed into September

We’ve hit a rather major snag with the KS in that the larger of our two laser-cutters is down with a serious fault that requires parts shipping from China… this means we cant cut what we need to before the KS starts, and we need to be sure that the system is up and running for production starting during the KS and on afterwards. Parts from China may take 10 working days and then we have a possible further delay in the engineer arriving to swap parts and test the machine.

All of that means that it looks likely that we wont be able to start on time, meaning that the start will now probably be delayed into September. (Jed & Nadine are also away for two weeks in that period)

Apologies for this delay, however we’re not happy going into a potentially large amount of work with a key bit of machinery not functioning, and we cant rely on the smaller laser to do the required work.