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Kobe Kow

Kobe Kow

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The Kobe Kow. Restaraunt without competition, 'Beef Beyond Belief'. The Kobe Kow is a pre-painted MDF building for use with Infinity The Game and other sci-fi wargames.

The Kobe Kow features highly detailed interior, including fridges, serving hatches, workstations and ordering computer. The Kobe Kow has roof access using a staircase up on of its sides, and 3 double sided modular signs to provide cover on the rooftop, allowing the player to adjust roof cover on the Kobe Kow to their liking.

The Kobe Kow features all the hallmarks of good playable Infinity scenery, i.e. hinged doors, playable interior and removeable roof. And best of all, Kobe Kow has fully pre-paintedd pristine MDF, all you need to do is remove the protective paper and add glue to get a vibrant and characterful building to fit your urban cityscape board.


1 Kobe Kow building, made of pre-painted MDF, laser etched acrylic, high quality photo-prints and resin air-con unit.

Weight : 450g

Length: 234g
Width : 145g
Height : 125g

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