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K’reth Hell Hounds

The K’reth Hell Hounds are now in store priced at £5.75p for two.
Sculptor: eBob
Painter: A Taylor

The K’reth are indigenous to one of the moons of Ossia and appear to be the end-result of a lengthy period of bio-engineering by the now extinct sentient species (K’rell) from the third planet in the same system.

They have extreme adaptations to hunting and exhibit near-sentience as well as having carbon-reinforced bones, mono-molecular edged retractable claws, chromatophore scales and the ability to hide their heat-signatures for short periods of time. Combined with their pack-hunting skills and the ability to adapt rapidly to events it makes them a supreme hunter.

The chances of such a refined creature being natural was always low but archaeological investigations have now shown conclusively that the species were bio-engineered by the K’rell as opponents for ritual, or sporting, hunting. It is a common belief that the K’reth are responsible for the extinction of the K’rell, although there is very little evidence to support this.

The species is monitored closely in all of its habitats within the Ossia system and its export is prohibited. However, individuals and even mated-pairs have found their way into the Technosphere from time to time, where they have proven uncontrollable and utterly lethal.

They are, nonetheless, highly sought after as a status symbol, particularly amongst criminal organisations and their body parts are an extremely valuable source for various natural medicines, primarily amongst ethnic Chinese and Indian populations.