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March Infinity

A slightly delayed March release list:

3rd Edition Silhouettes: Pack of 2 of every Silhouette from 1 to 7 in pristine-cut 2mm MDF. £15.00


3rd ed silhouette set


Pristine cut 3mm MDF case for the above Silhouettes but also useful for counters and other small pieces (comes with elastic binder): £7.50

3rd Edition Box AWI70001


Silhouettes and Box – Set : $17.50p
2 sets of the S1-S7 silhouettes plus the carry-case at a discounted set price.

3rd ed silhouette box set


Access Terminals: A set 0f 8 metal plinths with a comms-pad on either side, usable as terminals and access-points in any scenario. £7.50p

Access Terminal x8 AWI10023


Systems Pads:
18 metal systems pads for £7.50p

systems pads AWI10024


Heat Exchangers: A set of 2 resin-cast large Heat Exchangers. £7.50p

heat exchangers AWI10026

Armoured Door (Narrow).: A pack of 10 resin-cast !Armoured Doors” (Narrow). £7.50p

armoured door narrow AWI10025

Marrua Mag-Lev Bikes (Scenic).
A set of 4 Marrua mag-bikes with bases to be used as in-road scenery – £7.50p

Marrua Mag-bikes AWI30017

Taruca Motorbikes:
A set of 4 scenic bikes with bases to be used as in-road scenery: £7.50p

motorbikes AWI30016

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